Avoid Jail Time on DUI Conviction

Alternatives to Jail

My clients always ask me – is there any way I can avoid jail time on  DUI conviction? Are there any alternatives? Can you keep me out of jail? Can you do that? Or, do people who are convicted have to spend at least some time in jail?

Really, the only way of keeping someone out of jail is to be able to get a reckless driving, or to get a not guilty verdict, or to get the case dismissed. Under every DUI sentence you have to do at least one day in jail. Now, I have been successful in Fresno in working out creative solutions for DUI sentences. I’ve been able to work out an arrangement for my clients, so that the time that they spend in jail was converted to work programs, community service and the like. On second and third time offenses where jail time is mandatory and can not be avoided, I’ve been successful in finding programs where the client can do inpatient time and not have to spend time in jail.

On a number of third time DUI convictions, where there’s a 120 days minimum custody time, I’ve been able to get the court to agree NOT to send my client to jail and have them on a alcohol-monitoring device.

I don’t think too many attorneys are aware of this, but it’s something that in my experience I’ve been able to figure out. I will always find the best possible solution for a legal problem. I work hard to get results for my clients and my reputation for achieving success speaks for itself.

Contact me today at (559) 779-2315 if you have been charged with a DUI or any other criminal offense and we will craft a solution that will work for you.

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