Rates For Divorce in Fresno

Rates & Fees for Complex Divorce In Fresno

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Many attorneys are unwilling to discuss legal fees. However, at Law Offices of Yan E. Shrayberman, I understand how important it is to get an idea of how much things cost when you are considering legal action. Practicing divorce and family law, I’ve developed a list of issues that can make a divorce or other legal action more costly and how to keep the costs down. Mediation can lower costs. My firm’s experience and knowledge of Fresno divorce and family law delivers to clients:

  • Aggressive representation
  • Personal attention
  • Informative consultations
  • Very competitive pricing

For select cases, my retainers are as low as $2,000.

How much does the average divorce cost?

Most divorces can be started with an initial retainer of $2,000. There is no way to determine in advance the exact amount, which is determined by the very personal issues of your case. The retainer covers your attorney’s fees for time spent working on your case as well as for legal fees. The actual court and legal expenses for a divorce in the California are more than $400, including:

  • Filing the initial complaint
  • Obtaining a judge
  • Moving the case through the court calendars
  • Service of process

My firm has extremely competitive rates hourly rates. I provide you with the highest quality legal services and a wealth of expertise, all at a very reasonable rate. Each client receives personal attention from me at all times.

What separates a $2,000 divorce from a $20,000 divorce?

The average divorce involves the refinancing of a home, limited custody issues and the division of a retirement account. This can be done in a relatively short period of time and is not costly. Complex issues and problems such as these can cause a divorce to become costly:

  • Drawn-out custody battles
  • Family violence
  • Criminal matters and orders of protection
  • Complex businesses that must be evaluated and split
  • Retirement accounts
  • The sale of a home
  • Allegations of sexual abuse or incest
  • Forensic psychologist or incompetence matters
  • Unwillingness to abide by court orders and the California laws

These legal issues  if all contained in one divorce  clearly push the divorce towards a minimum $10,000 price tag.

How much is mediation?

Mediation services start with the payment of $290 for the first hour and $290 an hour for each appointment after that. If the mediation is successful, a full agreement is drawn up for only $1500. If an uncontested divorce is the end goal, that will cost $450 plus an additional $450 in filing/court fees and case expenses.

I’ve handled many divorces, simple and complex, and I can help you reach an agreement. Mediate your separation or divorce settlement for one low, flat fee with one of Fresno’s best-known and experienced divorce attorney, Yan E. Shrayberman Esq.

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