Simple Divorce Solutions

Attractive Rates and Fees for Simple Divorces in Fresno

Low-cost and experienced case management deliver great value

At Law Offices of Yan E. Shrayberman, I understand that the cost of your divorce is another factor that causes great anxiety. As a firm entirely devoted to divorce and family law, we understand the issues that drive up the costs of divorce, and have developed numerous successful strategies for controlling those costs. As a result, we are able to deliver excellent, aggressive representation at an affordable price.

Flat rates for simple, uncontested divorces in Fresno

Before you agree to retain any attorney, take advantage of our affordable initial consultation. I’ll evaluate your situation and present you with a range of options. I offer several plans with a range of standard fees:

  • $450 plus an additional $450 in filing/court fees & case expenses – total $950)
  • $2000 retainer on select simple divorce cases with a low hourly rate

All services include applicable court fees. For a simple divorce, that amounts to $450. If you’re looking for a fast divorce, we can also keep the cost of divorce low and delivery excellent results.

What do the additional fees cover?

Whenever you go to court, the State of California is going to charge for services. Our simple divorce anticipates $600 of additional spending to:

  • File the initial complaint
  • Place the case on the court calendar
  • Effect service of process

While we can’t do anything about these charges, we have kept our hourly rate at a very competitive rates. With that comes our high-quality legal services and a wealth of focused experience. I provide close, personal attention and our caring support staff assists you whenever necessary.

Yan E. Shrayberman is well-known for aggressive representation in tough divorce and family law cases, but we also expedite simple divorces to save you time and money. Contact me online for a affordable initial consultation with me. If your case is urgent, do not e-mail. Call me immediately at (559) 779-2315.