Temporary Restraining Orders

Fresno Restraining Order Attorneys. Proven Winners.

The consequences of Restraining Orders can be tremendous. That is what makes our firm such a priceless resource. We know how to win restraining order cases. It is important that you keep yourself safe. Our restraining order attorneys have what it takes to fight against restraining orders being issued against you as well as how to file to get a restraining order issued on a threatening person. The Restraining Order Lawyer at the Law Offices of Yan Shrayberman is in the courts daily, fighting restraining order cases. I handle  restraining order cases throughout California. My experience, combined with the skill and aggressivenes fighting restraining orders is an unbeatable combination.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders.

Domestic Violence affects thousands of men, women, and families throughout California. Consequently, California Law is extremely strict in relation to domestic violence. If you find yourself facing a domestic violence predicament, call me now. I know how to successfully protect you and resolve restraining order cases stemming from Domestic Violence. I am skilled at providing successful strategies to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are safe.

Civil Harrassment Restraining Orders

Restraining orders, though typically are the result of domestic violence, also have other uses such as protection from a neighbor is threatening or harassing you. In these situations, California law provides a solution to keep people free from violence, threats, or harassment known as a Civil Harassment Restraining Order. I’ve handled Civil Harassment Restraining Orders and have what it takes to fight and win both domestic violence and civil harassment restraining order cases. If you are facing a threat of violence, or harassment, or if you are being issued a restraining order, call me today.

The Consequences of Restraining Orders

The State of California is very strict in their laws regarding to domestic violence. When it means protecting you from a potentially dangerous person, this is great; however, when you’re facing false allegations of domestic violence, a restraining order can be devastating. The consequences having a restraining order placed on you can include a loss of custody of your child and an increase in child support obligations. Likewise, Restraining Orders stemming from domestic violence allegations create a blemish on your record. If you are facing a restraining order it is critical that you contact me immediately. Your future may depend on our defense.